A walk through the forest

Hi friends 😍

We have landed in Buenos Aires! It’s our last week in Argentina…I’m sad to be leaving but super pleased about the vacation we’ve had!

This post I’ll share a very special experience we had last Friday in Bariloche with my mother in law.


We enjoyed one of the prettiest skies and most peaceful walks through a forest called “El Bosque de Arrayanes.”



Arrayanes are unique trees with a cinnamon color bark that gives off a particular scent. I was completely captivated by the mystical sensation I felt walking through this forest. A perfect setting for perfect pictures!

At one point I felt compelled to have a spiritual moment…and so we did! I sat crossed legged on a fallen tree trunk, closed my eyes and started to breathe deeply. 

Meditating in the forest made me feel grounded, like I was one with the earth and the creatures around me. Listening to the wind brush against the trees brought chills down my spine, I felt so alive!


Love was in the air!

We completed our visit by hiking up to a hotel where a bus took us back to the city.

With this post, I’ll say goodbye to Bariloche, and welcome our time in Buenos Aires.

We had such a remarkable trip!

Every asado, every glass of wine, every memory shared will be kept close to my heart! Until next time, thanks for reading, and may my journey be an inspiration for you in case traveling is something you see in your future 😎

Much Love 💋

Marisol Medina


Author: Pop Heart Studio

Hi! I'm Marisol :) I'm an art graduate from Miami, FL. I created Pop Heart Studio as a medium to express my love through my artwork. Now I want to show you how to tap into your heart, and use it to express your love in every area of life. My father would always say that life is a balancing act..not too much, not too little. These words became my truth, & I have spent my entire life listening to & connecting with my mind, body, & heart to live a balanced, thriving life. In this blog, you will uncover the tools and techniques I have practiced in my own life that have translated into one joyful, meaningful, life experience. I open the doors to those seeking a heart conscious community, & invite you to share your journey with me. We are all in this together! I look forward to connecting with you, & wherever you are in the world, I send you my love, from my heart to yours ❤

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