Argentina 2018 – my camping experience

Hi friends! 💖

We have done so many things, visited so many places, and ate so much food in the past week…but one experience sticks out among the rest: my first time camping!

We stayed at the camp ground “Los Baqueanos.” Dope little spot by a massive lake, surrounded by enormous mountains…the view was UNREAL 😍



It felt to me like we were staying at a national park because the camp had bathrooms with showers and a food spot (like, gorgeous food spot made of wood).

We  found a nice fire pit close enough to the beach yet further in the woods to avoid harsh winds. It was a hot day, but we knew the cold would come once the sun hid behind the mountains.

All day we were out hunting for wood to make a strong fire to cook what they call “un asado”, which is like a bbq.


The water was too cold for me to get in! I still enjoyed laying out by the lake, drinking that Argentine wine, and chatting away about how different life is back home. We’ve got the beach in Miami, but this camping trip was different for me…between the food, the view, and the cultural “do’s and don’ts,” I’m happy it felt like something new.

At night it got so cold! For me at least 😆  regardless I covered myself up, kept eating, drinking, and playing dominos (that’s right…I take my dominos EVERYWHERE I go…)


Laying out by the lake at night for me is unforgettable…I looked up at the sky, and saw so many stars and galaxies…It was so magical, like nothing I’ve seen before!

The best part was hanging with friends we only get to see every few years.


I had a blast! The next day we hung out with some more friends, and you guessed it! Ate and drank the day away 😍

We did some walking through the woods, and I was able to leave my heart at the camp! I made a heart sculpture with pebbles on the beach 💗


Art feels real when its made out of nowhere, unplanned, spur the MOMENT. I got high creating something I knew wasn’t going to last forever, but those who pass by my pebble heart will feel something, hopefully moved to at least think about love.

I use to think a lot about why I always create hearts in my artwork. I know now after so many years that my mission as an artist, as an artistic messenger of my generation, my mission is to bring to light the subject of love. Its real, its why we continue to evolve, its the reason why everything we see exists 💗💗💗

This is just a piece of the adventure…nothing like living it for real though! I do plan on making more art during my trip. Let’s see what I create this upcoming week!

I’ve got more pics to share on my instagram page…make sure to follow me! @popheartstudio

Stay tuned for our next adventure here in Argentina, our 2018 trip!

💋 Marisol Medina


Author: Pop Heart Studio

Hi! I'm Marisol :) I'm an art graduate from Miami, FL. I created Pop Heart Studio as a medium to express my love through my artwork. Now I want to show you how to tap into your heart, and use it to express your love in every area of life. My father would always say that life is a balancing act..not too much, not too little. These words became my truth, & I have spent my entire life listening to & connecting with my mind, body, & heart to live a balanced, thriving life. In this blog, you will uncover the tools and techniques I have practiced in my own life that have translated into one joyful, meaningful, life experience. I open the doors to those seeking a heart conscious community, & invite you to share your journey with me. We are all in this together! I look forward to connecting with you, & wherever you are in the world, I send you my love, from my heart to yours ❤

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