Traveling to Argentina

Hi Friends!

This month my hubby and I took off to South America to visit his home town Bariloche located in Argentina. It’s summertime in the southern hemisphere, but in this town you’ll feel temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit as soon as the sun goes down.

Despite the drastic weather changes, we are both SO HAPPY to go on a month long vacation to visit family and friends, eat yummy food, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

Our trip began the day after Valentines. Flight took off 8:10 am. 9 and a half ours later we landed in Buenos Aires where my sister in law was waiting for us (she is so beautiful, so sweet…I love her so much 💗😌).

Our first meal: empanadas!

Flight #2 took off early the next day. 2 hours in the air flew by quick compared to our first flight! We landed in Bariloche. Driving to what would be our home for the next 3 weeks, my in laws and niece greeted us with so much warmth, I could hardly wait to give them their presents.

My eyes couldn’t believe it…I was seeing the most beautiful landscapes of mountains, trees, lakes…I had so much to appreciate and thank life for!

The next few days we’ve been hanging out with friends and family. Today we will be going out to a lake because we’ve got good weather 🙌

Stay tuned for next Tuesday as I’m sure I’ll have an album of pics to share!

For now, I send you much love from the southern hemisphere 😋

💋 Marisol Medina



Author: Pop Heart Studio

Hi! I'm Marisol. I am the artist and creator of Pop Heart Studio, an online and mobile art gift shop. I've always dreamed of having a space where creativity and self expression flows freely, with no boundaries, no objections...a space where you are able to express yourself completely, as a human being, as your true self. So often we experience resistance, and rightfully so as it is in our nature to feel discomfort. My father would always tell me that life is a balancing act..not too much, not too little. These words became my truth, and I have spent my entire life putting together plans, designing strategies, building routines that'll get myself to live a balanced, thriving life. I lived many years angry at the world, not understanding why, not knowing how to reach that place of balance. Well you're in luck! I have found the key ingredients in making life one delicious, juicy experience...they are connection, intention, and expression. In this blog, you will uncover the tools and techniques I have practiced in my own personal life that has translated into one joyful, meaningful, rich life experience. I hope that it can serve you in uncovering the path that'll lead you to your own truth. Much love your way, and I look forward to meeting you!

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