My Love Story

Dear Universe,

I wish for my husband to be a strong man, someone who loves his family, who is passionate about life.
I wish for a man with long hair, broad shoulders, not so tall (eye to eye) …cute butt
I wish for my husband to be the best damn lover a woman could ever have!
I wish for my husband to desire the same things that I do in life, like how many children we will have and the places we will travel to.
I wish for my husband to see me as his partner in life, who understands the concept of team…I desire a team player who makes an effort to understand me even if I may be wrong.
I wish for a man who perseveres, stands up for what he believes in, and doesn’t give up.
I wish for a husband who will teach me things, and make me laugh (always!)
I wish for a man who is NOT addicted to drugs, alcohol, or self-destructive habits.
I wish for a husband who will help me through my addictions, help me see the bright side of life, where food, exercise, love and spirituality become our daily highs.
I wish for a man who is as creative as I am, who understands me and my needs, who deserves ALL OF MY LOVE, because I have plenty of love to give, and will be the very best wife any man could ever ask for.

Universe, I know that the world is SO VERY large. I am open to receive my husband from any part of the world. I’ll know him when I see him. I am open to your guidance, and I sit in this space of openness, allowing my husband to flow effortlessly into my experience. For this, I give thanks.


My greatest manifestation has been my husband.
I never once felt doubt or uncertainty about the future of my marriage.

In the world of vibrations, I had love and relationships in a very positive place. It was very natural and easy for me to be in a relationship. The trouble I was having was finding the right one.

This letter to the Universe was written sometime in 2003. I was currently in a relationship with who I considered at the time to be my best friend. Although I felt a tremendous amount of love for him, I just knew in my heart he wanted something else out of life, and so did I. 5 years into the relationship, I decided to part ways.

After our break up, I fell into this blissful, self-love, lover of life moment where all I wanted to do was dance, do yoga, meditate…ENJOY ME.

I was IN LOVE with myself. I enjoyed time with myself, and did everything possible to do the things I loved most in life.

The summer after our break up I traveled on weekends to Boca Raton, FL to stay with my cousin who was house sitting for a friend. We had THE BEST time ever! Food, wine, dance, beach, poolside tans…It was just what the doctor prescribed.

We didn’t really go anywhere, except for the very last Friday night, right before her friend would return.

Riding her bike one afternoon, my cousin spotted a Blue Martini. She called me up and said, “Mari, this Friday, bring your dancing shoes. It’s Blue Martini time!”

We almost never made it. It was 2 am, the cat had a little accident on the rug, we had a bottle of wine in our belly, didn’t want to drive, the bar was soon to close…I even called Blue Martini TWICE to see if anything special was going on.

We had so many excuses NOT to go…but yet there was this pull, this sense of, “GET DRESSED, AND YOUR BUTT DOWN THERE, NOW!”

We called a cab.

Stepping into Blue Martini, I spotted a guy wearing a white top, blue jeans, black shoes. He was tying his hair back. I thought, “hmm, I wonder what’s his story. He’s clearly not from around these parts.”

I knew he saw me, because I slightly locked eyes with him. As I walked away, I emphasized my walk, because I KNEW he was still looking.

One blue Martini drink later, my cousin was deep in conversation with a friend at the bar, while I was amusing myself with a Brazilian. My eyes wandered, looking for that guy. The one who got my attention. The mysterious traveler.

And just like that, my mystery man stood right next to me, right on time to hear me speaking Spanish, as I said a few last words to my Brazilian friend, which was the PERFECT start for our very first conversation.

His name is Andres, and he came from Argentina, his future was uncertain. All I was certain about was the intense attraction I suddenly felt for this stranger. He asked me where I was from, and to my surprise I was the first Cuban he had ever met.

Our first dance was a bit magical, I felt as if I knew him. I felt comfort and love in the arms of a stranger. We exchanged numbers before leaving. He called me right away. …We never stopped talking every since.

3 months later we started dating, and 8 months after we were married.
This April, we will celebrate 8 years of marriage.

Love Story Collage resized

The letter I wrote to the universe is as accurate as it gets. His looks, personality, lifestyle…EVERYTHING is exactly as I wished for. If you know us personally, you know these things are true of him and of our relationship.

I may have trouble manifesting on a few different subjects, but as far as my love and marriage, Andres is my greatest manifestation yet ❤

I sure hope my story has inspired you!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever written a letter to the Universe, and was it successful for you or not?

Don’t forget to share this with someone you know it will serve…

Sending you LOTS OF LOVE

From my heart, to yours ❤

Marisol Medina


Author: Pop Heart Studio

Hi! I'm Marisol :) I'm an art graduate from Miami, FL. I created Pop Heart Studio as a medium to express my love through my artwork. Now I want to show you how to tap into your heart, and use it to express your love in every area of life. My father would always say that life is a balancing act..not too much, not too little. These words became my truth, & I have spent my entire life listening to & connecting with my mind, body, & heart to live a balanced, thriving life. In this blog, you will uncover the tools and techniques I have practiced in my own life that have translated into one joyful, meaningful, life experience. I open the doors to those seeking a heart conscious community, & invite you to share your journey with me. We are all in this together! I look forward to connecting with you, & wherever you are in the world, I send you my love, from my heart to yours ❤

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